Pastor Brent Tevebaugh

Brent Tevebaugh, whose mother predicted he would be a preacher at a very young age, has been pastor at CLF since 2000. He has been married to the love of his life, Janet, for 37 years and has three children. Pastor Brent has also been in the Sonic business, a family affair, for the past 40 years and when you go, it could be him or his son, Zack, daughter Ashlee, or wife taking your order. When Brent isn't working at Sonic or serving at church, he is working on his farm taking care of his horses Tina and Elvis, llamas Sonny and Cher, his galactic empire of alpacas, and all the chickens. Brent, also known as Poppo, has seven of the world's best grandchildren. 





Pastor Brent Tevebaugh
117 North Spring Street
Sparta, TN 38583

931 808 6795